Medical Market Research

Use data to make smarter decisions. We'll help you collect quality medical data from reliable health professionals and healthcare consumers.

A group of doctors and nurses requiring medical market research

Research Services

  • A survey sample graphic showing a business man, injured patient and female nurse

    Healthcare Sample

    Recruit your next online medical market research project using our panel of reliable health professionals and healthcare consumers.

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  • Programming custom surveys

    Survey Programming

    Launch your next online survey quickly by letting our experienced team of survey programmers turn your questionnaire into a clean, flawless, and engaging survey.

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  • Recruiters interview respondents

    Qualitative Research

    Focus on moderating your next qualitative project and leave the time-consuming tasks of recruiting and scheduling qualified respondents to our team of professional recruiters.

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Research Products

  • Bar graph with poll results

    Poll Question

    Get rapid feedback by posting a single question of interest to a targeted group of reliable health professionals and healthcare consumers.

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  • Short and quick survey questions

    Quick Survey

    Quickly gather opinions on up to ten questions of interest with a targeted and screened group of reliable health professionals and healthcare consumers.

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  • Map of the USA representing leader tracking

    Influence Mapper

    Understand the geographic and social reach of key opinion leaders and influencers in health care for a specific therapeutic area, as reported by their peers.

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A Better Way To Manage Market Research

A Few Good Reasons To Give Us A Try

  • Experience in market research

    Healthcare Focus

    We have over 30 years of experience recruiting health professionals and healthcare consumers. Healthcare is all we do.

  • Reasonable pricing and quotes are available

    Competitive Pricing

    Request a quote for your next project and you'll find that our prices are very reasonable and competitive.

  • Fast responses from survey respondents

    Quick Turnaround

    We are able to recruit quickly thanks to our powerful technology as well as the trust and brand recognition we have built with the medical community.

  • Focus on customer relationship

    Exceptional Service

    We focus on building strong, long-term partnerships with each client, being responsive and accommodating to their specific needs.

  • Survey software for building custom surveys

    Powerful Technology

    We have invested a lot in technology solutions over the years, from a powerful survey engine to an amazing client platform (and everything in between).

  • We profile medical professionals

    Beyond the Panel

    Panels are a great starting point but we go beyond the panel, using multiple recruiting channels to ensure the success of each project.

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